Butterwick Hospice

Butterwick Hospice is holding a special event called Floating Thoughts at Hardwick Country Park from 6.30 pm on Saturday 1st September to remember loved ones.  You are invited to write a message for attaching to a floating candlelit lantern which will then be floated onto the lake at the Park.  You’ll be asked simply to make a donation and provide your message(s). See poster in church or contact telephone 01388 603003 (Mon-Fri 9 am to 5pm) or www.butterwick.org.uk/floatingthoughts.


First World War Centenary

Do you have any family photographs or information about relatives or family friends who fought in the First World War? Did they return home or sadly die? We are looking for stories of people who were known to us or to our families.  We will be holding a ‘get together’ in the next few weeks to firm up some ideas and gather information.  Trawl those memories, speak to friends and family and search through those old photographs.

Day’s Out

Day’s Out! –  St Mary’s & St Wilfrid’s Bishop Auckland are arranging a few outings which will be available to all in our Partnership. A visit to Crook Gardens on Monday 24 September with afternoon tea (optional). A Quiet Day at Minsteracres 17th October.  December 4th will see a visit to McArthur Glen shopping outlet which includes going into York to see the Christmas Market. If you would be interested in any of these or like further information please see contact us on 01388 603431.


Along with other local Christian churches the parish supports our local foodbank and the generous weekly contributions made by parishioners help local families in crisis.

We need lots of food items.  Many families with children who normally receive free school meals, have to find extra help during the school holidays so that the children can have proper food.  That involves our foodbank being under more pressure.  Whatever you can give us to help will be a real godsend.

Visit of David Wells

David Wells – is coming to speak to us again on Friday 14 September at 6.30 for 7 pm in St John’s School.  We hope we may be able to provide food for the evening as we did last time – it helps with socialising – that’s an important part of our Partnership growth.  There’s a list at the back of church.  Please sign up as early as you can.  If you heard him last time, you may wish to tell others.  Thank you.  Tickets probably at £2 each will be available soon.



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